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A Firm Capable Of Handling Your Medical Malpractice Case

When seeking out an attorney for a medical malpractice case, you need a firm that’s going to stand with you throughout the entire process. We know that people don’t pursue these cases lightly, and it’s typically the result of a catastrophic tragedy or a life-changing result. That’s why Balzano & Tropiano is here to help you.

What makes us different is that we’re a firm that works with our clients the entire process. From the moment you walk into the office, to your final days as our client, we will stand with you every step of the way. We aren’t afraid of going to court, and we’re always going to fight for our clients. We’re a client-focused firm, and we make sure to show that in everything we do.

Your Case Matters To Us

Your case matters to us. We understand that it can be hard to take someone to court, but when you’ve suffered a catastrophic life-changing event because of someone else’s negligence, then it’s only fair for you to consider compensation as a result of that.

We’re a firm that has experience assisting people with medical malpractice cases. With a proven track record, clients come to us confident that we can help them with their medical malpractice case. Some of the specific cases we’ve taken on:

  • Emergency Room errors
  • Labor & childbirth injuries
  • Misdiagnosis & delayed diagnosis
  • Preventable amputations
  • Nursing home negligence
  • Hospital & nursing home falls
  • Mistreatment of cancer
  • Prescription drug & anesthesia errors
  • Surgical errors

If you’re someone that has been the victim of medical malpractice, then don’t be afraid to reach out to an attorney at Balzano & Tropiano using 203-891-6336 or our online contact form.

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If you’ve had a catastrophic event in your life as the result of medical malpractice, then you may qualify for compensation. Schedule a free consultation today so you can speak to one of our attorneys about your case.

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